Reaver's Shell

Battered green adamant plate armor


Reaver’s Shell
a suit of heavy plate fashioned from green adamant, includes helm and gauntlets. This armor is ancient, and shows it. The surfaces are scarred, who knows what horrible forces caused damage to the normally immutable metal it’s forged from. The craft-marks show it was forged by a dwarf named Jherrek Krolzen in the forges of Laerin Karn
Full plate armor +5 enhancement bonus
Enhanced attributes: +4 strength, +4 constitution
additional enchantments: heavily fortified,(immunity to critical hits)


This armor was commissioned from Krolzen by a human bandit lord from western Hyphania. The man’s name was Hagerat Kven, best known as Kven the Reaver, who lived to the ripe old age of 106. The shell then passed to his son, who, aged 68 at the time and a successful merchant, sold it to an adventurer name Karth. Karth wore the armor for many years, fighting on many different planes, but eventually died beneath the claws of Killamanderix, the lord of the red dragons of Symn. The dragon gave the armor to one of his half-breed sons to wear, the half-dragon, half demon monster known as Wrendr Vaez.

Reaver's Shell

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